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The New Tokina 16.5-135 Super Zoom Review

The Tokina 16.5-135 lens is a good value for money lens that gives you high quality pictures with the best possible sharpness. It provides a much wider angle than most lenses. The wide angle makes the lens an ideal fit for nature and outdoor photography. The lens however also has an incredible focal range that allows it to be used for indoor photography. In addition, this lens can take very good close up photos. In short, it is an everyday lens that can accommodate all your needs at a very affordable price. This makes the lens easily acceptable and readily usable among all type of photographers alike.

Tokina is known for being a pioneer in the latest advancements and for staying in track with the current trends. The Tokina 16.5-135 lens justifies this. The lens is made of three aspherical elements, one all glass precision-molded element and two compound elements. This makes the lens a robust and sturdy setup. The lens also comes with two Super-low Dispersion or otherwise known as SD glass elements that make chromatic aberrations and flare effects scarce. Another advantage of using SD glass elements is that the SD glass elements are lighter in weight and hence reduce the overall weight.

When it comes to the aperture, it is by far one of the widest lens in the market. The wide aperture of the Tokina 16.5-135 has many advantages for low light photography. It will allow you to take pictures on high shutter speeds and will cover a large shooting array. Another subtle benefit of using such a big and wide aperture is that the subject of the photo looks more prominent and has a special grace over the wide background. The contrast is brilliant and the chromatic as well as thermal aberrations are absent until you zoom in on a post processing software.

Focusing in the Tokina 16.5-135 lens has been dealt with very well and more attention has been given to detailing to make it more handy for the photographer. The focusing is constant and uniform throughout the entire zoom range of the lens and it never fails to deliver. Being an advanced piece of equipment, the Tokina 16.5-135 lens quite obviously comes with a great auto focus mechanism. With a total of 15 lenses in the complete setup, the auto focusing mechanism can make and take decisions quite capably.

Having said all this about its qualities and positives, it is safe to say that the Tokina 16.5-135 is a one of a kind model that meets the requirements of every kind of photographer and has something for everyone. It is also impressive to see how it finds a way to do all that at an incredibly cheap rate.

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