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Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques

Most people need to be talked into buying a product in one form or another, especially when purchasing it from a business website. Whats the best way to convince someone to buy something? The answer is simple. Create persuasive pieces of text that lead your visitors to believe the product, service or subscription will add value to their life. For example, many photography websites use persuasive text to convince visitors that they capture better moments than other photography companies.

Persuasive writing is a style of writing that strives to get the reader to believe in what the writer is discussing. This is done in several ways. Here are a few classic strategies that will compel your visitors to make a purchase on your business website.

1.Repeat Yourself Often
Listing the benefits of your product multiple times on your website may seem a little overboard and redundant to you. This is only because you obviously know this information by heart, but what about your visitors? This may be the first time they have ever come across such a product and its benefits. Be sly about repeating your information. One of the most effective persuasive writing techniques is to present the same information in multiple different ways. Incorporate the benefits of your product into a story, a summary, a testimony and even a bulleted list! Readers will often miss the repetition if done in this fashion.

2.Give Your Reader Reasons Why
As mentioned before, you need your reader to be convinced of what you are telling them. If you have a photography website, let your readers know why you are the best solution for their needs. Do you come to their location? Do you provide them with a digital portfolio of their shoot? Focus on the differences between you and your competition and let the reader in on them.

3.Bring in a Social Element
Humans are social creatures and it is human nature to believe in things that other humans use or do. Think of ways to incorporate human elements into your business website. Use images of people enjoying what it is you sell or a picture of how your product can make their life more productive, happier, etc. The homepage of your web page alone should make your visitor jump on the bandwagon. Another great way to add a social element is through customer or user testimonials. People tend to believe that an un-bias, outside review is a good indicator of the quality of the product.

4.Tell a Story
Storytelling itself is a form of art. Stories have been told and passed down since the beginning of man. Psychology experts have studied the effects of storytelling and have found that people can talk their selves into something by listening to a story. You can even create a personal website to tell the story of your business, company or the success of your products. Storytelling is also one of the best techniques within persuasive writing because all the other techniques can be incorporated into the story! Its a win-win situation.

5.Dont Avoid the Counter Argument
As with any product, there might be a few downfalls with your product or service. The best way to show your readers that you are not hiding anything from them is to address these disadvantages. These are referred to as the counter argument in persuasive writing. Now here is the most important thing. After you have discussed the counter argument with your reader, you MUST give a rebuttal. This means that you need to defend the counter argument and bring the reader back to your side of the argument. If this is done correctly, this technique has the power to win a reader over instantly.

The bottom line is: If you have a business website it is essential that you implement persuasive writing techniques throughout your content. If you cannot convince your visitors to buy your product or service, then they surely wont be able to convince themselves. Try to write about your product or service in different ways. There is really no right or wrong way to persuade someone, but you must start by putting the pen to paper and just let the words flow!

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