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Various Techniques Of Self-expression

Within each one of us lies the ability to communicate; it’s a natural human inclination, but with the hustle and bustle of the busy world around us, it’s no wonder our frequencies tend to jam from time to time. Being able to express our innermost thoughts and feelings in meaningful ways, both for ourselves and others, is imperative to maintaining a healthy spirit and mind.

Unfortunately, it’s not always apparent just how to reach inside ourselves so that we may shed that all-important light on our insights. As any artist knows, being blocked in this way can be oppressive and unbearable. Not only does an artist’s work suffer as a result, but the artist’s soul as well when confined and kept from the nurturing it so desperately needs to survive. Given this bleak forecast for realizing this kind of potential, what’s a creative person to do?

In Altered Books Workshop: 18 Creative Techniques for Self-Expression, Bev Brazelton outlines eighteen step-by-step techniques to not only tap into our personal creative wellsprings, but to channel that energy in new and innovative ways as well. With this book, not only will an artist be able to access his or her imagination and extend creative boundaries, he or she will be able to communicate the messages of world in exciting, brave new ways.

Learn how to rediscover your environment and translate what you find there into fresh, evocative samplings of yourself for the world to enjoy, and in doing so, find new depths to you artistic potential. Experience how common copper pennies can become jewels of adornment, and how old magazine covers can become framed testimonials of freedom, beauty, wisdom and love. There is no limit to your growth once you learn how to cultivate the soils of your inspiration for continued, productive yield that will not only nourish you for years to come, but all those around you as well. After all, what better gift is there to give than one you’ve created yourself?

Whether you’re a budding artist or a long-established, flowering vine, you are always growing as a creative vessel. Altered Books Workshop: 18 Creative Techniques for Self-Expression by Bev Brazelton is thus, not only the book that will feed your creative nature, it’s the one that will help clear away the weeds that may have encroached on your passion. It’s the book that will nurture your continued growth as an artist, encourage you to continue reaching upward, and ultimately, to thrive.

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