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How to Handle a 502 Bad Gateway Error The 502 Bad Gateway error shows that that an online server got an invalid response from another online server. Hence, because it is often a network error, the problem would have nothing to do with your Internet connection or your computer. But if you want to be sure that nothing is wrong on your end, you can try these fixes: Webpage Reload
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A 502 Bad Gateway error may actually be a networking error that is beyond your control, but it can end very quickly. Try reloading the page a few times.
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Browser Issues > Close all open browser windows, open a new one, and load the URL you were trying to access. It could also be that the error you got was because of a browser-related issue on your computer. A simple browser restart can solve the problem. > Tidy up your browser’s cache and remove cookies. Outdated or corrupted files and cookies stored by your browser can also cause gateway issues. If that is the source of the trouble, just remove those cached files and it’s done. > Open a browser in Safe Mode. Running a browser in Safe Mode means there will be no extensions or add-ons, including toolbars, as it will be working on default settings. If the 502 error doesn’t appear while your browser is running on Safe Mode, it is likely that a browser extension or setting had caused of the issue. Either reset your browser to default or remove the extension which you think is bringing you trouble. > Try using another browser. If you don’t get a 502 with another browser, that obviously means your original browser is the problem. Just reinstall that browser and check if that does it. Computer There are temporary issues with your computer and how it connects to your network, and those could be causing 502 errors, especially if the appears on more than one website. In such a case, a restart will definitely help. Network Equipment Problems with networking devices like modems, switches and routers can also cause 502 Bad Gateway errors. A quick restart can help. DNS Servers Try changing your DNS servers on your computer or device, or router. Some gateway errors are caused by DNS server issues. The Website If nothing works, it can also be a good idea to get in touch with the website you’re trying to access. Never hurts to try. If the problem is from their side, you can still them about your experience. Your ISP Lastly, after checking your browser, computer and network, you can call your ISP. Yes, they too can be the cause of 502 Bad Gateway errors. If you chose a good ISP, you shouldn’t have a problem talking to them about this.