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Understanding the Basics of Book Marketing and Your Role as Well as Your Publisher’s

Writing a book is never enough. If you are thinking of making profit out of the book or books that you have written, then you have to find the most fit publisher for you. You have to be patient in finding the right publisher to help you out if you want nothing more but to make the most out of the books that you are writing. You need to make sure to sign the contract being made between you and the publisher so you know what terms and conditions lie between your relationship and your books. You will be considered a published author once you have signed such contract. Then, what could be the next steps that you must undertake in one way or another? What role must your publisher play? As an author, what are the things that you can do so that you can better help out your publisher market your books?

What things must you expect a good publisher to do for you when it comes to your books?

Traditionally, your publisher will not just be the one to contract with your distributors to distribute your books but also they will be the ones to create cover art for your books, edit your books, and then print your books. These publishers are also the ones that will be putting up your books for sale on famous online sites that will then make sure that your books get noticed by big scale target population. You have to remember that they will be the one to also be making sure that they do book marketing for you around the world and even have your books distributed to countries that might have more interest in buying and reading your own books. After that, they will be the ones to be processing your books to various sales outlets and then making sure that their book supplies are being restocked regularly. Furthermore, your publisher is the one that will be arranging book tours for you, arranging book signings for you, creating your own website, soliciting reviews, promoting your books through catalogs, e-mail, fax blast, and book fairs, as well as generating media publicity. With all of the book marketing efforts being done by your publisher, you as the author will be the one that will still get a lot of attention in the end.

Even so, in the present, all of these things still need more effort not just on your publisher but you as the author yourself when it comes to doing book marketing tasks. Being the author that you are, you can proceed in doing book marketing with your electronic efforts. Since the traditional books have also turned out to be more electronic, a great deal of effort must be made in marketing your books online. You as the author is the best person to be doing book marketing online since your publisher already has a lot of responsibilities regarding your books and other books already. The author that you are has some motivation to earn more money with your books that is why online book marketing is better off done by you alone.

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