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The Tokina 50-135 Lens Review Good Telephoto Lens Substitute

The Tokina 50-135mm F 2.8 AT-X 535 PRO DX or simply known as the Tokina 50-135 lens has a high quality build and construction. The casing is all metal and has extraordinary fit and finish. This particular lens is cheaper than its counterparts and has many advantages as well. It features many elements and is a good lens for moderate to large focal range. This particular lens is also lighter and more compact than its competitors in the market.

As far as the aperture is concerned, is very fast and constant at f/2.8. The lens incorporated SD elements which compensates the chromatic aberrations.

Chromatic aberrations are a big concern for photographers and Tokina have addressed that issue with this Tokina 50-135 lens as they have used SD technology which reduces the chromatic aberrations. The SD feature not only reduces the chromatic aberrations but also it makes the lens produces sharp and high contrast images. The quality of the image is quite high and optical quality this lens is commendable.

Another feature of the Tokina 50-135 is the water proof or WF coating on it. This coating makes it weather resistant so that it can be used in bad weather conditions as well. The lens is resistant to water, finger oils and dust particles and that is why it can be used in extreme weather conditions as well. The focusing system is also very fast and accurate. The one touch focus mechanism allows for instant switch from Auto to Manual focus mode when needed. The transfer is also done without a fair amount of noise.

As far as the sharpness and the optical quality are concerned, the Tokina 50-135 is a good choice and makes excellent imagery. The images taken from the lens are of good quality. Images from Tokina 50-135 are of excellent sharpness and high contrast. The telephoto zoom lens is the same as its counter parts and is at 80-210 zoom lenses in the format of 35mm. As the lens is light and compact, it can be carried to different places and because of it is weather resistant, it can be used for wildlife photography as well.

Overall, the Tokina 50-135 is a good and sharp lens. Distortion cannot be avoided here but the lens has been able to keep the distortion to a minimum. The Tokina 50-135 lens has many different features which have made it a good substitute for its competitors like Nikon or Canon.